Clear Creek Trail (Photos) – Silverdale, WA

It’s been a few years since we’ve been to any part of the Clear Creek Trail in Silverdale, WA. It’s great system of trails to get some exercise in. There are almost 8 miles of trails. This Saturday we just walked a small portion of it and it was just enough.

The part of the trail we were on was a little newer than the rest of the system. Lot’s of blackberry bushes and scotch broom. I imagine once all the trees are grown it’ll be a much more serene and relaxing place to walk through.

Garter snake in the grass.

We didn’t get to see many birds out but we did see a garter snake in the grass and several dragonflies.

A beautiful dragonfly hanging on to some dead branches.

There were many families on bike rides and a several people out for a walk by themselves and others with their dogs. We also saw a few people blackberry picking. It’s a wonderful place for families and individuals to get out and about. Especially those trying to get out while the weather is still nice.

Clear Creek Trail

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