Kindergarten Workspace

Our daughter starts Kindergarten tomorrow. Although she is starting school from home we are quite excited for her. Here’s the little workspace we made for her to help create a zone with little distraction. We have just a few more things to add like the month and the day sections and we still need to create some weather cards. We also left space for reminders (Post-it notes).

This board will also help to buffer the noise from her online class. My husband sometimes works from home and our son also has his high school classes online. It’ll be interesting to see how these online classes will work out with everyone home. Keeping an open mind that it’ll all work out and hoping the kids will be able to return to their schools soon.

Here are some of the supplies we repurposed for this project. Disclaimer: The 6-pack beverages were consumed by “Mommy” and “Daddy” over the Summer and not by the child. Off topic: What were some of your favorite Summer drinks? *Wink*

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