Roadtrip Part 1 – Snoqualmie Falls and Iron Horse Tunnel

This past weekend we were able to take some time for a family roadtrip to Snoqualmie before all the craziness of (home) school started. Our first stop was Snoqualmie Falls, WA. It is such a beautiful sight. Our two youngest have never been and it’s such a short and easy walk from the parking lot to see it. It’s definitely a “must see” stop on I-90.

If you want to get in a little more exercise there is a trail down to a lower view point you can hike down about .70 mile (1.4 miles roundtrip). My husband and I did this about 2 years ago. It was fun and easy going down the trail but coming back up was a feat for someone that doesn’t get much exercise. We chose to skip it on this trip.

Our next stop was to the Iron Horse Tunnel. It was so much larger than I thought it would be. It was literally cool. Dress warm if you do choose to visit.

We only walked in about 100 yards. It gets eerily dark the further you go in. Definitely not for those afraid of the dark. Even with a flashlight I felt like I needed to look at every nook and cranny to make sure there wasn’t anything waiting for us.

I do have to admit. It would be neat to bike ride through it. It’s a little more than 2 miles long and it’s very well maintained. Be prepared with good lighting and light, reflective clothing whether you are walking or biking in the tunnel.

Snoqualmie Falls

Iron Horse Tunnel

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