Dahlia – FOTD September 19

Yay, for rain!

We’re certainly enjoying all the flowers before they begin to wilt away. I admit I didn’t really water most of my plants while it was so smokey and hot. A lot of my annuals have withered and really need to be removed. Same goes for my veggies. I already removed one of my zucchini plants. I’m still holding on to some hope that most of my tomatoes will ripen before the cooler weather sets in.

I have learned so much about gardening this year. I can’t wait to plan our garden for next year. I was going to try my hand at planting some cooler weather veggies but I usually hide in my shell once the cool and rainy weather sets in. I don’t know that any would survive without me tending to them.

Not gardening during the Fall also allows me to focus on keeping my daughter on track with her with her online Kindergarten classes. It’s going well so far.

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