Day Out Feast

Every once in a while I’ll take our youngest son out for a treat. Sometimes we go to the movies, to the arcade or we’ll go to a park. Anything we do is always a special time for us but the best outing for us is when we stop to get a dessert after a fun day. It’s always a great time to sit and chat about things while we’re eating our “day out Feast“. One example of a feast for the two of us is milk shakes and fries.


Since having our daughter 14 months ago, our youngest son has gone through many changes. He’s 11 now and has not only given up the role of being the baby of the house but he has taken a huge step in being the best big brother ever. We are so proud of him. This gives me an even bigger reason to make our days out very special.

This reminds me. It’s time for us to go on another day out together soon.