Berry Picking – FOTD August 18

During our camping trip in Sequim, WA over the weekend we decided to pay another visit to Graymarsh Berry Farm. This time their Blackberries and Blueberries were ready for picking. We decided to hand pick blackberries for the experience and purchase already picked blueberries. It’s always a fun time gathering the best of the beautifully ripened berries. The blackberries we picked were from thornless bushes. I didn’t know there was such a thing as thornless blackberry bushes. Learned something new!

I was able to also get a few shots of their small garden of sunflowers.

Cee’s FOTD Photo Challenge

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Berry Picking

We love berry picking! We haven’t been to Graymarsh Farm in years and it was a wonderful outing to do with our kids. The strawberries were mostly spent but the raspberries are just coming in beautifully!

7-3-2020 Graymarsh Artsy IMG_0752
7-3-2020 Graymarsh Artsy IMG_0711
7-3-2020 Graymarsh Artsy IMG_0707
If you look closely, there are some spider legs peeking around the left side of the strawberry.7-3-2020 Graymarsh Artsy IMG_0748
7-3-2020 Graymarsh Artsy IMG_0767
7-3-2020 Graymarsh Artsy IMG_0679
7-3-2020 Graymarsh Artsy IMG_0786

The deer are freely roaming around the farm.