Petunias – Happy Monday! FOTD August 31

This picture of petunia filled baskets was taken in a little Bavarian themed village called Leavenworth in the Cascade Mountains in Washington State. I wish I could grow baskets like these. These and other baskets around the village bring so much color to the already beautiful decor. I love Leavenworth, WA!

Cee’s FOTD Photo Challenge

5 thoughts on “Petunias – Happy Monday! FOTD August 31

  1. You can grow baskets like these. We did it for the first time this year. We feed them Jack’s Petunia food every other day and one gallon of water each day (It’s better if you can water them once in the morning and once at night but at least once a day is good). We never thought our baskets would last from Spring to Fall but they are doing great and we are so happy!

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