Hillside Collage of Roses

Weekly Photo Challenge: Collage7-2-2017 Rose Garden Artsy IMG_5896

Here are a few photos from our recent trip to the International Rose Garden in Portland, Oregon. The roses were spectacular!!! Even our little one enjoyed taking the time to smell a few roses here and there7-2-2017 Rose Garden Artsy IMG_5932



11 thoughts on “Hillside Collage of Roses

    • There’s a Japanese garden right next to the entrance to the Rose Garden but we didn’t have time to fit it in our schedule. The Rose Garden is free but there’s a fee for the Japanese Garden. It’s all situated on one HUGE park. I’d love to go back to Portland just to see it all again. 🙂

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      • Oh my daughter would LOVE the Japanese garden as she is a yoga master and has a great affinity with their style of gardens. I could only dream of visiting there- maybe in another life! That’s the joy of blogging- I see beautiful photos from parts of the world that I will never see- and communicate with lovely people I will never meet.

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    • Thank you! I wish I had a garden full of beautiful roses. I only have a few that was at our home when we purchased it. I’m a horrible gardener and they have suffered. I must tend to them more often. The International Rose Garden was such an inspiration.

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      • I’m not your “green-thumb” type of gal myself. Roses take a lot of tending, as do many other beauties. Thankfully, there are places like you’ve visited to take the sting out of not seeing ’em out the back window.

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