Countdown to NFL Season 2016/2017


IMG_3015Just a little under two months and the 2016/2017 NFL season will begin. Team paraphernalia has already begun popping up here and there in grocery stores and warehouses. The team shops will soon be full of fans looking for more gear. More and more team jerseys will make their appearances. Portable grills will come out of storage for their use at tailgating. 

It’ll be interesting to see what kind of controversies will come into play this season. We are looking forward to a new season, some new drama, and some big time action but we often need to remind ourselves that these are paid athletes doing what they love. Their job is to play the game to the best of their abilities and provide our country with much entertainment in hopes of achieving that ultimate Super Bowl Ring.

Every once in a while there’s an athlete or two who some deem immature or unfavorable. These athletes are not there to cause division in our country or within families. Again,they are paid athletes providing entertainment. This is entertainment that should promote excitement, togetherness, and fun memorable times. Let us all hope for a safe and awesome upcoming NFL season.


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