Effective Lists

Having an organized and clean house has always been a challenge for me. I was always great about making lists but not very good about using them. Lately I been trying a new attempt at list making. I first came across the idea of bullet journaling through Pinterest.com. I’ve just been using a plain ruled composition book for my daily lists but a bullet journal would work so much better. I just ordered one through Amazon.com.

So far my little fancy composition lists have been working. Plus it’s really nice to add little notes┬áhere and there about my day in my book. I’ve never really been one to journal so this is perfect.

Trying to motivate teenagers and a pre-teen is a chore in itself. I’ve been experimenting with “journaling” and jazzing up our childrens’ to-do lists. Above is today’s list for our 11-year-old. He got through most of the list. I think this works great for him.

Having a jazzy list for our 17-year-old is a completely different story. I’m sure there’s a lot more running through his mind than our 11-year-old. We’ll try it out for a few weeks to see if his motivation changes.

Do you organize your days with lists? What kind of lists work best for you and your family?

Here are a few links to a few blogs I found very helpful.


5 Steps to Craft a Better To-Do List

3 thoughts on “Effective Lists

  1. I’ve tried lists and they do work. My problem is remembering to write the list! Sometimes I get so caught up in doing things I forget to plan what I need to do afterwards.

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  2. I have my own journal in which I plan and create to-do lists. While I can’t speak for your 17 year old I think the reason this works for me, as a teen, is because it gives me my own sense of being productive and in control of my time. As to what kind of lists I make, I normally go for a short to do list (between 3 and 10 tasks) with stars at the side to mark which tasks are important.

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    • Making lists and following through is a great skill to have. It’ll further help you on your road to success. Good job! ­čÖé I’m hoping my son will soon utilize list making more often. It was something I was never good at while growing up.

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