How to Feed a Family of 6 Without the Restaurant

Having a toddler has made it much more difficult to enjoy eating out as a family. We still go out to eat occasionally with our children but we have been trying to limit ourselves. One of my favorite places to eat at is a local Hawaiian restaurant called Aloha Kitchen in Silverdale, Washington. I often crave eating food from back home and Aloha Kitchen provides some of the best known dishes of Hawaii.

Their Kalua Pork and Cabbage plate (complete with rice and macaroni salad) is my favorite. I’ve made Kalua Pork several times in our oven but it is very time consuming and can be a greasy mess.

A few months ago, we ordered trays of food from their restaurant for our daughters 1st birthday. Our friends and family loved it. This is where I came up with a money saving idea. It will also help save our sanity.

I ordered their largest Kalua Pork and Cabbage party tray for our dinner on Wednesday. It is listed as having 18-25 servings but the tray serves so much more.  After eating dinner, were able to package the rest into eight portions that will serve 5-7. We froze the packages and containers for future dinners. The cost was $125 for the large tray. Therefore, each (5-7 servings) portion cost about $14.

Those who feed their family on $3-$5 per meal may think me crazy but this is a dish I crave for often but I really dislike cooking. The $14 for a dinner to feed our family of 6 is a huge savings compare to what it would cost to take our family out to a restaurant to eat. It would normally cost our family $60-$70 to eat at Aloha Kitchen.

We now have 8 more meals in our freezer. We will just need to cook up some rice and throw some veggies in a pot on the stove. This works great for those last minute meals and it sure beats eating at a fast food restaurant.

We will occasionally eat at Aloha Kitchen without children every once in a while to continue supporting their business. We also love purchasing their gift certificates to give away as gifts to friends and family.

Do you have a favorite dish that a restaurant near you could cook up a huge batch for you to freeze into portions?


“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten we belong to each other.”

I came across this quote from Mother Teresa last week. It seems so fitting for our country at moment. There has been so much controversy lately, it’s pretty scary. I hope our nation can find peace soon, so that those who have lost their lives protecting our freedom and security have not died in vain.


Time to Cut the Cord

As I was washing dishes earlier today a thought came to mind. I remember growing up in Hawaii calling older acquaintances auntie or uncle, regardless whether there was any relation at all.

Moving from Hawaii to Washington was extremely difficult for me. I missed home and the weather was such a contrast to what I was used to. The friendships I made early on was my saving grace. The wives of the department my husband worked for in the Navy were some of the greatest of friendships I will ever make in my lifetime. We were all so very supportive of each other and during our husbands’ long deployments, our gatherings are what kept me sane.

During these years our families grew very close. Our sons called most of our friends Auntie (first name) or Uncle (first name). Till this day these very close friends hold their titles with our boys. It was a great comfort to have this tradition with them. Especially since I missed home so much.

In a conversation with our son a few days ago, he commented about helping our dear friend Cassy to rebuild a shed. When he mentioned her name, there was no Miss Cassy or Mrs. (last name). Most of you will probably think it’s strange for me to notice something so trivial. Often children will call me just by my first name and I don’t think anything of it but we’ve always taught our boys to refer to our friends as Mr. or Miss (first name) or Auntie or Uncle (first name).

I guess since our son is an adult I can’t hold it against him. He’s almost 19. It’s just odd, after all these years, to hear him not using prefix references for our friends.

What are some of the pet peeves you have about the changes in your adult children?