Excited Over Pencil Deal

Many of you would think me hilarious for getting so excited over this. For some reason there was a post for a really good deal for colored pencils on my Facebook newsfeed today. I was able to purchase this set of colored pencils from Amazon.com for $3.97. I clicked on the link that was in my feed and it took me to instructions and a coupon on how to claim the deal. I’m sure the deal is no longer in existence because it claimed that there was only 29 coupons left.

Anyway, I was hesitant to click on the link but I’m glad I did. My youngest son and I love to color but the pencils from the Crayola set we are using are really hard to sharpen without their tips breaking. So I was really looking forward to purchasing a different set. This was great timing and I am hoping these will work out. For this price if they don’t work out for us then it’s not a huge loss. I just need to take a few minutes to write a review about the pencils.

I did check out the Facebook page that the offer was sponsored from. https://www.facebook.com/Amazon-Brand-Aware-Club-1603817996601610/?fref=nf

On the page is a button to sign up for their club. I’m looking forward to seeing what other offers they’ll have. I’ll be very selective and only choose those offers that will benefit myself or my family. Since we are trying to be productive in decluttering our home. I just figured I’d share this opportunity with all of you and to see if you have already participated in any of this company’s deals. If so, what are your opinions of the company? Here is the link to their sign up page. http://www.brandawareclub.com/

Question for all of my coloring friends: What are you favorite coloring pencils?