Opened A Shop

I’ve been busy. A few weeks ago I was offered a job selling historical stamp literature on ebay on commission. I’m still contemplating on doing it. I found it might be too big of a job for me but we’ll see. In the meantime since I applied for a business license I figured I’d try out some things on Etsy again to see if this is something I can actually make a go of. I love taking photos, I love mail and I’m beginning to “see” postage stamps in a different light. (Vintage stamps are pretty Artsy.) I also have an overabundance of craft supplies that I’m trying my best to use or that I need to sell.

Anyhow, my shop is small (I’ll be adding more daily) but it’s up and running. Please, if you can, take a peek and share my shop for me. For now, I’m only shipping within the U.S. but maybe it’ll change if it’s successful. If not, I’ll have lots of gifts on hand for gift-giving.

Hope you are all well and staying safe! Thank you!

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