Our Neighborhood Macaroni and Cheese Bake Off

Last night we held our neighborhood Macaroni and Cheese bake off. There were 5 trays of the yummy cheesy goodness. We all did good! We cooked different recipes and they each turned out great! There was some grilled chicken, veggies, brownies and cream puffs to help balance it out. It was fun and everyone enjoyed the tasting but we all ended in carb overload.

IMG_3463 (2)

We did this mainly to spend a little more time with each other. Although we live right next to each other we rarely get to chat as much as we’d like to. With all that is going on in the world and within our own country I feel a much bigger need to have a closer relationship with our neighbors. It’s so important to have that sense of being in a safe community. We are all there to learn from each other and we should all be able to depend on each other should anything arise in the future.

I have to say our neighbors are pretty great to begin with. Most of us have been here for a while. The rest of us moved here within the last couple of years. Yesterday’s gathering was a small gathering but it’s a start to some, hopefully, great traditions.

Do you have good relationships with your neighbors? Does your neighborhood have any great traditions that help to encourage a better sense of community?

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